With enormous thanks to NTS, Andrew Prentice and all immediate neighbours to the Columba field, a test bore drill was completed in August.

The drilling conditions were smooth and rapid, reaching the required depth within a day. The conductivity test returned a very good result of 2.9 W/mK, Watts per metre Kelvin. This figure confirms what the ground source design specialist told us at the outset, that on Iona we are “geologically blessed” for ground source heat, as well as confirming the number of bores required is what was hoped.

Impacts on water courses, drains and other infrastructure were very effectively managed through mutually reinforcing divining by Patrick MacManaway and the drill team. Similar methods will be used throughout the project, (e.g., to avoid damage to drains whilst also – during soft dig for pipe routes – confirming the location and condition of drains).  

The test bore was assisted throughout by the very curious bovine neighbours.

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