To fully decarbonise the Isle of Iona, carbon reduction must go beyond using less energy and switching to renewable energy sources. Transportation and everyday behaviours, like shopping and eating, also contribute to carbon emissions. Reducing emissions such as these requires low carbon behaviour change both individually and as a community.

To help stimulate these changes, carbon literacy workshops are being undertaken, with 200 people having attended to date. The initial workshops helped define the ‘baseline’ of climate and low carbon knowledge in the community and provide a scientific overview of climate change and possible mitigation methods. Once the broad picture was established, the workshops focused on the specific actions that individuals could implement that would reduce their individual carbon impact. A large number of individuals have pledged to reduce their annual carbon emissions by at least 5%.

Support is offered to help support participant’s efforts, such as information booklets and infographic materials. The 5% commitments are captured using online surveys and monitoring by our community development officer.