Energy Redress funding

Very happy to confirm that we are one of 15 charities from across the UK to be awarded funding from the Energy Redress Scheme. The Scheme (officially named ‘The Energy Industry Voluntary Redress Fund’) collects voluntary payments from energy companies to redress harm caused to energy consumers. It is administered by Energy Saving Trust, and aims to distribute available funds to support energy consumers in vulnerable situations and the development of products or services which would provide a benefit for certain groups of energy consumers.

It was a competitive round, with over 75 applications being received, seeking a total of over £14 million . We were one of five successful Scottish projects to be awarded. The grant of £183,700 make a significant and welcome dent in the final total we are working to secure for our Heat Network.

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  1. I have known Iona all my life and love it (of course), so was very excited when I found out today about Iona Renewables and the brilliant scheme you have up and running. My husband and I run a wee home energy advice project based in Aberfeldy, so my passion for the environment and love for Iona just received a big smile! Brilliant to know too that cars have been mostly banned again. When I was growing up and visiting through the ’70s and ’80s there was one very ancient car on the island, and it was so very sad to see more and more using the tiny amount of tarmac road.

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