Geophysics and archeology

The installation of our district heat network will involve drilling a number of boreholes, and laying pipes to properties. As Iona is a culturally and historically significant location, there is quite high likelihood of coming across as yet undiscovered cultural heritage assets during the digs. In order to identify the most feasible locations for our boreholes, GUARD Archaeology has undertaken a geophysics survey on our behalf. The have gone over the area of excavations to pick up larger or more significant features, which can then be avoided or planned for in programme and budgets. The field work is complete and we await the reporting.

Separately, National Trust for Scotland were on site in the same week with volunteers for one of the annual Thistle Camps. NTS asked us where would be most useful to undertake a pre-construction dig – and together we agreed that a location where boreholes are planned, north of the Village, would be useful. Amongst other items, shards of pottery and a tooth were found, and we await the report from the work as well.

The teams also hosted Bunessan and Iona Primary Schools for a fun, if slightly wet, afternoon learning all about archeology.


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